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The latest tweets from Tasmania Data Infrastructure Pty Ltd (TDI). An Australian-based digital infrastructure and Bitcoin Mining provider with operations in Tasmania, Australia.

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Current Project

Corporate Objective

Development of a single large-scale, multi-site opportunity with significant expansion capabilities

TDI is developing a large-scale, 100% renewable energy Bitcoin Mining facility at the Que River Mine Site in Tasmania, Australia with up to 40 megawatts of energy infrastructure available for Bitcoin Mining.


The Que River
Bitcoin Mining Site

The acquisition of the Que River Mine Site offers TDI and its shareholders a significant large-scale high performance compute park opportunity focusing on data mining.


  1. Site acquisition agreement signed May 2022
  2. Former mining site now on care and maintenance
  3. Total land area: 300hectares(ha) with 30ha currently cleared for development
  4. Remote Tasmanian location away from population
  5. Elevation at 700 meters in cold part of Tasmania
  6. Significant existing site infrastructure including substation, transmission lines & onsite 22kV distribution network
  7. Site benefits from high security location
Que River Bitcoin Mining Site
100% renewable energy

Existing Site Infrastructure

  1. 2x TasNetworks main West Coast transmission lines (220kV and 110kV) directly adjacent to site
  2. Electrical substation located adjacent to site with 38MW of available transformer capacity at 22kV
  3. Existing 22kV overhead electrical distribution network onsite capable of delivering up to ~9.4MW
  4. Existing fiber optic communications infrastructure passing alongside site
  5. Site accommodates water storage dams, existing road network and rudimentary building structures
scalability & flexibility

MDC (Modular Data Center) Technology

MDCs are an efficient and cost-effective way to provide data solutions. They offer scalability and flexibility, in addition to lowering operating costs.


An MDC is a system consisting of modules and components that work together to provide the required data capacity. MDCs are typically containerized/portable data centers with equipment fitted into shipping containers.


They can also feature prefabricated components that can be quickly built on-site and added to when necessary.


TDI has a Licence Agreement with Mawson to leverage the expertise of Mawson’s Modular Data Centre (MDC) mining infrastructure and associated technology.

Modular Data Centre Technology
Modular Data Centre Technology. Source, Mawson Data Infrastructure
Potential for significant, 100% renewable MW growth

TDI’s Vision for the Que River Site

TDI is developing a large-scale, 100% renewable energy Bitcoin Mining facility in Tasmania, Australia


Phase One

Use the existing site infrastructure, and ~2,000 ASIC Miners from Mawson Infrastructure Group (NASDAQ: MIGI), to accommodate a 5MW Bitcoin mining operation– to be operational in Q4 2022


Phase Two

Connect a further 30MW Bitcoin mining operation to the existing TasNetworks transformer at the Que substation


Phase Three

Potential to significantly expand the Mining operation through new connections to the existing 110kV and 220kV lines


Ongoing engineering

To build a broader service capability to facilitate data storage and HPC Facility (Video rendering, Geotech analysis, Statistical modelling etc.)

The Que River Bitcoin mining site - existing
The Que River Bitcoin mining site – TDI vision

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